NDP 2020

When the NDP2020 organisers approached SG Enable, we were excited to have this national platform for the i’mable Initiative. At that point in time, i’mable aims to highlight and celebrate the abilities of persons with special needs by creating more opportunities for engagement with them, and appreciation for what they can do.

Working with our Social Service Agency (SSA) partners, and with support from our friends at Superhero Me, and Dr Esther Joosa, a disability art expert, i'mable is proud to bring you our NDP2020 art collection.

These 20 NDP artworks give the public a chance to see from the unique perspective of each individual artist with disability. What stands out is that what they love about Singapore and hope for Singapore is the same as the rest of us.

Through our interactions with the artists, we could see that they really enjoyed being a part of this project. This is a way for them to contribute to Singapore – it is their gift to all of us. And when you appreciate their efforts and talents, you affirm them.

We hope that our collaboration with NDP will encourage Singapore to take positive action for persons with disabilities – to embrace them, to work alongside them, to collaborate with them, and to celebrate them. Ultimately, we hope you will join us in working towards our vision of an inclusive society and enabled lives.



Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore aims to empower persons with cerebral palsy or multiple disabilities so that they can realise their full potential and lead fulfilled, dignified lives. The Goodwill, Rehabilitation and Occupational (GROW) Workshop involves trainees in social enterprise initiatives and projects. Through the creation of unique and inspiring gift items, GROW artists not only have the opportunity to exercise their artistic talents, but are also able to generate a sustainable income.

My Little Blue Merlion

Tan Bing Yao, 28

Past, Present, Future

Ang Wei Lun, 30

Singapore Race

Ang Wei Lun, 30
Henry Lim, 20

Smiley The Merlion

Zoe Wang Shi Min, 23

The Little Red Dot

Minah Binti Mohd, 51


Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) provides holistic support to persons with Down syndrome and their families and caregivers, and educates the public about the genetic condition. It enables a person with Down syndrome to attain his or her full potential and be able to contribute back to the society.

Dancing Queens and Kings

Gabriella Francesca Allan, 39


Jayant Dayal Sujanani, 48
June Lin Yi Zhen, 36
Lau Su An, 36
Lim Thye Ann, 22

Glorious Gardens

Rachel Hong Li Ling, 33


Metta Welfare Association set up Metta School to offer special education to children aged between 7 to 21 with mild Intellectual Disability and Autism. Arts@Metta was set up in 2007 to gather former Metta School graduates who are keen to further their mastery in visual arts, batik painting, and pottery, while empowering them with life skills that promote integration, independence and employment.

Life in the Heartlands

Seah Chee Meng, 31

My Favourite Food

Brenda Teo Wen Yin, 22

My Home

Mohamad Fadhil Bin Abdul Jalil, 24


MINDS provides equal opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities to receive education and be integrated as contributing and responsible citizens in Singapore. At MINDS Craft, a social enterprise unit under the MINDS Idea Employment Development Centre, clients experiment with a wide range of arts and crafts – from mosaic art, glass painting and saori weaving to making bookmarks, key chains, fridge magnets and homemade candles.

Ice-Cream Truck

Kang Ai Ling, 47

Humans of Singapore

Choo Joo Hwee, 45
Nagavicneswari D/O Raja,37
Khairunnisa Bte Md Rashid, 27
Nurshafarina Bte Samad, 35
Nur Syuhaidah Binte
Mohamed Fauzie, 36
Wang Jia Wei, 39


The mission of Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped is to help the visually handicapped help themselves by acquiring new skills and gaining self-reliance to cope with the integration into society.

The Touch Art Programme was introduced to the visually impaired clients to equip them with skills to produce different handicraft items such as bookmarks, drink coasters, mousepads, greeting cards, canvas paintings and decorated glass plates, using the sense of touch.

It provides the clients a platform to showcase their talent, opportunities to socialize with others and employment opportunities through the making of the handicraft items.

Colours of My Country

Katy Lee, 70

Racial ​Harmony

Adeline Vejaletchmy, 58

Radio Gaga

Thien Fuh Ming, 45


Superhero Me is a ground-up inclusive arts group that empowers children from diverse backgrounds through the arts, social mixing and purposeful programming.

Eat, Play, Repeat

Rizq Nawfal Bin Hambril & Qays Naushad Bin Hambril, 7

Koel Clock

Aaron Leong Wei Ming, 11


Since 1986, called to serve the needy and disadvantaged, TOUCH values every person and enables them to strengthen families - the foundation of society. Over the years, TOUCH has reached out to many individuals from all religions and races, including children, youths, families, people with special and healthcare needs and the elderly.

Out In The City

Say Kim Han, 45

My HDB Flat

Chua Ai Lan, 38