Jayant Dayal Sujanani, 48
June Lin Yi Zhen, 36
Lau Su An, 36
Lim Thye Ann, 22
Down Syndrome Association | i’mable
An effort by four artists – Jayant Dayal Sujanani, June Lin Yi Zhen, Lau Su An and Lim Thye Ann – ‘Fireworks’ was inspired by the National Day Parade. Each artist produced individual acrylic dot paintings, which were combined into one artwork.
June created the painting on the top right. She termed them “happy dots”, as the bright colours evoke a lively and celebratory atmosphere. Although this year’s National Day Parade will be different from past years’, she is just as excited for the fireworks to appear on television.
The fireworks remind her of her loved ones: “When asked to think about Singapore as my home, I thought of my mother... I like spending time with my family and having family meals together.” This inspired her to pour her love for her family into her work.
June is a member of the Diverse Abilities Dance Collective, a group that creates opportunities for people with different abilities and skill levels to dance semi-professionally. She has performed with them both locally and internationally, showing how her condition cannot stop her from pursuing her dreams.
When reflecting on these experiences, she is most grateful for the opportunities dancing has provided her. In particular, she values the cross-cultural exchanges and the opportunities for personal development. She highlighted her recent trip to India, where traveling overseas without her family empowered her to become more independent.
This National Day, June and her friends' wish for Singapore is simple: for everyone to be more helpful, and to be a role model for others. That, they believe, is surely something we can work towards, and would make them very proud Singaporeans.