Dancing Queens and Kings

Gabriella Francesca Allan, 39
Down Syndrome Association | i’mable
Gabriella’s artwork serves as a celebration of the people she cherishes around her. As one of the figures in red in the middle, she is surrounded by many of her friends, teachers and family members, engaging in her favourite activity, dancing. As Gabriella drew this artwork, she was envisioning their regular dance sessions accompanied by Michael Jackson tunes. 

The scene she portrays of herself dancing may be deeply personal, but the underlying message – celebrating the people we have around us and just having fun with them – is something that many of us can relate to. Indeed, she thinks that regardless of what setbacks we may encounter, there is always joy to be found from doing what we love.

Such a lively style is typical of her other work. Subjects like flowers and snowmen fascinate her: “Painting them well makes it as if they are dancing, and that makes me smile”. She has lately developed a greater interest for these, marking a departure from her previous work with portraits.

Apart from creating artworks for the Down Syndrome Association, where some are sold to the public, she frequently creates watercolours at home for her family. These serve as a powerful expression of her “love and feelings” – once, she spent 2 weeks working on a watercolour of a flower, which she gifted to her father.

This National Day, Gabriella looks forward to dancing and singing to the songs played during the parade. Her favourite song, in particular, is Kit Chan’s “Home”. She thinks that we can all celebrate National Day a little differently this year by baking birthday cakes and holding parties, like we would for our friends. 

Because, after all, Singapore is where many of our loved ones are, and surely that is worth celebrating!
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