Eat, Play, Repeat

Rizq Nawfal Bin Hambril, 7, CPAS School
Qays Naushad Bin Hambril, 7, Fuhua Primary School
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School  | Superhero Me  |  i’mable
To Rizq and Qays, two inseparable twins, home is defined by their sense of brotherhood. In collaboration with their mother, Madam Nur Hidayah Shahrudin, their artwork features some of their favourite things to do together at home.
Using pre-cut shapes, the twins assembled a cute portrait of themselves building Lego blocks together at home. The numerous Lego blocks depicted in the artwork’s background further reinforce how much they enjoy this. In fact, by depicting themselves with similar colours and patterns but in different areas, they portray themselves as “same same but different”, possessing individual personalities but united by common interests.

At the bottom half of the artwork, they portray another tender scene of two hands holding onto the same spoon to share a plate of chicken rice, one of their favourite dishes.
This artwork powerfully conveys the importance of family. Rizq has Cerebral Palsy, a physical disability that affects movement and posture. Yet, his relationship with his brother Qays, who is typical, is strong and loving. 

As expected, these twins love art. “Rizq and Qays always ask when the next Superhero Me session is; whenever they hear that there’s one soon, they get really excited,” shares Madam Hidayah. Beyond this, they have other hobbies too, Rizq’s family describes him as a social butterfly who loves interacting with others. At home, he enjoys painting and watching his family play “Just Dance”. 
Rizq is deeply protective and will react when he perceives that his loved ones are being bullied. He loves his family fervently.