Smiley the Merlion

Zoe Wang Shi Min, 23
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore | i’mable
Zoe shares, “When I was first asked to create an artwork about Singapore as my home, the iconic buildings at Marina Bay came to my mind. During National Day, when there are fireworks displays, this is a place not to be missed.”

A nod to the National Day celebrations, Zoe utilises red as the background and white for other features in her artwork. A jovial atmosphere is created through her cartoonish style – what appears to be a white cloud, with the stars and moon in the sky, is actually her rendition of the Merlion, taking centre stage with a big happy smile. Surrounding the Merlion are the different tourist attractions at Marina Bay, which are also her favourite places to visit.

Zoe sees National Day as a time for us to commemorate Singapore’s many achievements – a reminder of our ability to bounce back from challenges – and hopes that we can celebrate and smile just like the Merlion in her artwork. Personally, she most enjoys the National Day Parade, especially watching the marching contingents of soldiers, which she finds awe-inspiring.

Art is an integral part of Zoe’s identity – at home, she enjoys drawing and making handicrafts, including hairbands and ankle bracelets. While she is usually reserved, she opens up when talking about her artworks; art is her means of unleashing her creativity and expressing herself freely. Her other interests include solving word search puzzles and watching comedies, especially Mr Bean. She also enjoys listening to gospel music. She has recently begun showing interest in cooking and has asked to learn more from others at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS).

Zoe is a member of CPAS’s sheltered workshop, where she helps in the replenishment of hotel supplies. Identified by many as a hardworking trainee, she is well-liked and respected by other trainees and her instructors.