Radio Gaga

Thien Fuh Ming, 45
Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped | i’mable   
Thien Fuh Ming approached the idea of Singapore’s strength not through examining Singapore as a whole, but by humbly referring to his own experiences.
Fuh Ming’s artwork draws inspiration from everyday scenes from his home, where he plays Chinese tunes for his mother through the radio.
This tender scene became all the more poignant during the circuit breaker period, as he found comfort and assurance by staying informed and connected through the radio.
Music has a huge impact on Fuh Ming’s life, and he considers it an essential. He explained that music has the power to make home “a place that is peaceful, relaxed and comfortable... a place where we can recuperate and renew our strength.”
In fact, music can not just console us but also serve as a common interest by bringing family, friends and fans together. This spirit of unity can see us through difficult times.
In 2012, Fuh Ming developed a condition that started with just a toothache. In an unexpected turn of events, his condition worsened and resulted in blindness in his left eye, as well as a partial loss of vision in his right. He also subsequently suffered a stroke, which further hampered his speech and fine motor skills.
Yet, through his determination and with the support of the community that has rallied around him, he has regained a measure of independence. He also enjoys creating artworks in his spare time.
In particular, he enjoys his time with his friends at Touch Art, where they work together to create handicrafts. To him, art serves as an important means of connecting with the community, helping him regain his self-confidence.