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Mohamad Fadhil Bin Abdul Jalil, 24
Metta Welfare Association | i'mable
In this artwork, Fadhil draws the HDB blocks opposite his own block, with national flags hanging outside each flat. Since flags serve as a collective vision of qualities that an ideal Singapore should possess, he believes that the act of hanging flags allows us to express our patriotism in the most tangible manner possible. Even though his artwork does not depict any actual people interacting with one another, there is the sense that they are united in their pride for their country. 

Recollecting this year’s special exceptions allowing Singaporeans to display national flags much earlier than before, this artwork demonstrates the power of this rallying call. In general, Fadhil’s drawing is rather simple both in concept and style, but its message is powerful. It intimately explicates how a small act, when carried out by each and every one of us, can come together to form something stunning that can inspire others too.

While his artwork expresses a great deal of hope, Fadhil believes that there is still much more to be done to foster greater unity. Personally, he explains that he does not know his neighbours much despite having seen them many times. He has always wanted to befriend them and discover what unique stories each of them has to share, and hopes that he can do so one day.

Though Fadhil is autistic and consequently has mild difficulties with speech, he visibly opens up when discussing his interests, including caring for his four cats. He also enthuses about Universal Studios Singapore, his favourite tourist attraction because he loves the thrill of riding the rollercoasters. 

He also expresses hope that he can contribute to society by becoming a doctor one day. As a caring and warm-hearted individual, Fadhil endears himself to those he interacts with.