Singapore Race

Ang Wei Lun, 30
Henry Lim, 20 (Pictured above)
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore | i’mable
Henry Lim aimed to capture Singapore’s uniqueness through her landmarks. He was assisted by his friend, Ang Wei Lun, 30, who helped with filling in some of the artwork’s shapes as Henry has limited control over his movements.
His artwork shows a map for a wandering tourist, who is represented by a small figure. The man chooses his paths that are lined with attractions like the Merlion, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay and the iconic Sir Stamford Raffles statue. Furthermore, the man is portrayed in different states.
In one cutout, he is standing still in awe and admiring the attractions around him; in another, he is running along the path in excitement.
Henry hopes that we can celebrate the things that uniquely represent Singapore. Even though many of us have lived here for many years, unlike tourists visiting for the first time, he believes there is still much to be excited about. Henry has marshalled his talent in art to great effect.
His works have been displayed in numerous community events. Most notably, during the Singapore International Jewellery Show in 2019, Henry produced a stunning jewellery design that was selected to be created into an actual piece for showcase.
At CPAS, he joins the other artists for art programmes, and has been helping in the Sorting Room of the CPAS workshop. He sieves through donated items and prepares them for sale.
His favourite tourist attraction is the Merlion and he looks forward to visiting it again after the COVID-19 measures have been relaxed.