Past, Present, Future

Ang Wei Lun, 30
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore | i’mable
In this artwork of acrylic on canvas, Wei Lun draws upon elements of Singapore’s past and present to offer his vision for the future.
The greenery in his artwork represents how nature coexists in harmony with human development, expressing his hope that we do not lose sight of our vision of a “city in a garden” – modern yet green, sustainable and liveable. The depiction of boats and fish in the ocean, meanwhile, references Singapore’s sparkling past as a prosperous maritime port, with bumboats once piling the Singapore River. Wei Lun recognises that Singapore will continue relying heavily on trade, and celebrates its role as we continue to grow. Finally, the landscape of Singapore’s iconic tourist attractions showcases our current architectural feats. At the same time, though, it shows Singapore edging into the future as we surpass others in modernity and continue building infrastructure that is admired all over the world.

The moon and stars simultaneously enhance the beauty of the scene and explicitly reference the Singapore flag, and by extension, the strength and values of our country – that there is much to be thankful for. 

His colourful, whimsical drawings reflect his vivid imagination. In fact, he articulates his dreams through art – for instance, to commemorate World Cerebral Palsy Day, he produced multiple drawings featuring individuals with cerebral palsy happily going about life, which he shared on social media with his friends.

While Wei Lun already has difficulties with fine motor movements due to cerebral palsy, he faces the additional challenge of hearing difficulties. Despite this, he helps out with numerous tasks at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, including the Pilot Pen project, where he labels the pens with price tags before repacking them back in boxes. Dependable and a quick learner, he has earned a great deal of trust and respect from his peers.