Our Story

Our Vision

Inclusive society. Enabled lives.

SG Enable, the focal agency for disability and inclusion in Singapore, enables persons with disabilities to live, learn, work and play in an inclusive society. We create equitable opportunities for persons with disabilities through thought leadership, sustainable social innovation and impactful partnership. Guided by our core values of professionalism, innovation and empathy, we envision a more inclusive Singapore and enabled lives. Set up by the Ministry of Social and Family Development in 2013, we are a registered charity and an Institution of a Public Character.

Our Mission

SG Enable creates equitable opportunities for persons with disabilities to aspire and fulfil their potential, through thought leadership, sustainable social innovation and impactful partnership. 


Our Core Values


Professionalism defines our rules of engagement and interaction with our partners, persons with disabilities and their caregivers. We are honest and respectful in all our interactions, and seek to continually develop expertise and competence so as to be an effective first stop for disability inclusion in Singapore.


Innovation drives us to learn, make improvements and determine solutions. We exhibit boldness and openness to new ideas and new ways of doing things; we seek constant improvement, and we are willing to learn from others.


We listen actively and show genuine care and concern. We seek to understand different perspectives to create robust collaborations and shared ownership. We emphasise mutual trust and respect because we recognise the intrinsic value of each individual.


Our logo incorporates a wordmark inspired by the ‘change’ symbol (Δ), representing our efforts to enable persons with disabilities and create a positive change for a more inclusive Singapore.​​​​​​

The hand-drawn lettering for ‘SG Enable’ was designed to reflect our goal of shaping a​ more inclusive Singapore where persons with disabilities are empowered.

As a whole, the log​o signifies our vision - Inclusive society. Enabled lives.

By focusing on what you can do rather than what you cannot, we at SG Enable believe in bringing people together to help shape a more unified society.

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