Out In The City

Say Kim Han, 45
TOUCH Community Services | i’mable
Kim Han’s artwork features a man with a mask on as he prepares to go for a jog during the circuit breaker period. The elaborate background includes Changi Airport, with Terminal 3, the control tower and a plane as the key distinguishing features, with potted plants and tropical trees lining the roads. 

During the circuit breaker, the man goes on a solitary walk with mask on, as a means of exercise, reflecting the importance of keeping fit and safe. There is also beauty to be found in the elaborate background, a reminder of how developed Singapore’s infrastructure is and by extension, our potential to continue progressing.

Kim Han explains that Changi Airport is his favourite place in Singapore, and that buildings and city life fascinate him, which is why he wanted to draw these different elements in as much detail as possible.

As his brother Alex shares, the impressive level of detail in his artwork reflects the methodical way that Kim Han thinks. “He sees things and memorises details, then he replicates it in his artworks. He expresses himself in a way nobody else can.” 

Though Kim Han enjoys all forms of painting and drawing, he most enjoys pencil and marker sketching as well as Chinese brush painting. At home, he has drawn an impressive range of drawings, with a series on the beautiful sights in Japan, including temples and cherry blossoms.

At TOUCH Community Services, he participates in the TOUCH Centre for Independent Living (TCIL), where he helps with housekeeping tasks and also takes part in special art-related programmes. Having been at TCIL for 25 years, he hopes that his efforts will foster greater support for the community around him.