Inclusive Society - Enabler

Integrating Resources to Build a Robust Ecosystem

We encourage and support partners and stakeholders to build a robust ecosystem of support for persons with disabilities and their caregivers. To strengthen partnersā€™ capabilities in delivering quality services and programmes, we administer funding, equip them with relevant knowledge and best practices, and connect them to expertise and resources.

As like-minded organisations begin their inclusion journey or are ready to take the next step, be it in disability-inclusive employment or making their products or programmes disability-friendly, we will come alongside to enable everyone in building an inclusive society.

Recognising Disability-Inclusive Employers


accredited with Enabling Mark

2 Platinum | 13 Gold | 42 Silver

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Latest update: FY2022

Enhancing Training & Employment


employers trained


disability employment professionals trained

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Latest update: FY2022

Illustration of a class in session, with one teacher and a mix of students with and without disabilities.

Promoting Accessibility, and Inclusive Products and Services


attendees at workshops


partners engaged

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Latest update: FY2022

Illustration of a man on a wheelchair, waving to a woman who owns a food stall.
A professional speaking with two other professionals, as they walk down a pathway.

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