Enabled Lives

Persons with disabilities are at the heart of all we do. We envision persons with disabilities living in an inclusive society where they can access information, opportunities, products, services and environments like everyone – from their early years, through adolescence, and into adulthood. With the right accommodations and support, they can fulfil their highest potential and be contributing members of society. Caregivers are the first line of support for them, and we work with partners to support caregivers too.

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Schemes Administration,
Information & Referrals

SG Enable administers government-funded schemes and makes referrals to disability services.




persons with disabilities referred to child and adult disability services


beneficiaries of Enabling Transport Subsidy Scheme


applications for transport schemes

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Latest update: FY2022

Illustration of a woman wearing a headset and using a laptop, with a lightbulb illustration over her head.

Tech Able


clients trained in the use of assistive technology

Assistive Technology Fund



Illustration of man with prosthetic leg pushing a woman on wheelchair, both of them waving to a woman with hearing aid.

Enabling Guide

A First-Stop resource portal for persons with disabilities and their caregivers


page views


unique users in FY22

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Latest update: FY2022



persons with disabilities benefitted from IHL Internship, RISE Mentorship, School-to-Work & Hospital-to-Work programmes


persons with disabilities trained


persons with disabilities benefitted from job placement & job support services

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Latest update: FY2022

Illustration of a group of people with different disability types.

Goh Chok Tong Enable Fund


to support persons with disabilities and enhance community support programmes

Goh Chok Tong Enable Awards


given to 15 awardees for making significant achievements and showing promise to pursue greater heights in their chosen fields

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Latest update: FY2022

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A man walking with a visually impaired woman holding a white cane.

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