Glorious Gardens

Rachel Hong Li Ling, 33
Down Syndrome Association | i’mable
Rachel Hong Li Ling wanted to draw attention to Singapore’s architecture through her artwork ‘Glorious Gardens’, which portrays the Supertree Grove at the Gardens by the Bay.
A reflection of Singapore’s architectural feats, the Supertrees in the piece are seen from the perspective of someone below, looking up at the structures. From each tower, numerous smaller ‘branches’ encroach on one another, creating the impression of a forest canopy.
This artwork shows her admiration for the attraction’s height and size, and by extension, Singapore’s architecture as a whole. Additionally, it represents how deeply integrated architecture and nature are in our country, which Rachel finds awe-inspiring.
While she was assisted with the layout of her artwork, Rachel took full charge of the concept, which is her favourite part of creating an artwork. Her use of bright colours is characteristic of her art – she most enjoys using acrylic paints and striking colours to create landscape paintings and abstract pieces.
Indeed, her art style is a manifestation of her lively and energetic personality. Known by many as an affectionate person, her friendliness never fails to inspire others.
Nur Shuhada Bte Suhaimi, her art teacher at DSA, said: “All the teachers know her because she greets everyone and asks how we are doing... She makes the classroom a happy place for others.”
In addition to creating artworks during sessions organised by DSA, Rachel produces art outside the classroom too. She loves painting or colouring drawings at home to destress during even the most trying of times.
For a year, she was also involved with other community organisations, where she helped create handicrafts using beads. Her artworks not only cheer her up but also bring joy to others in the community.