i'mable is a Public Education Initiative

i’mable (read “I’m able”) by SG Enable celebrates the abilities of persons with disabilities and encourages everyone to take positive action for disability inclusion and commit to building a more inclusive society and enabling lives.

Our Logo

i'mable is a declaration of your ability, confidence and willingness to make a difference. This is highlighted by the "i-apostrophe" character, depicting a person with a raised arm — able, ready and committed to building an inclusive society and enabling lives.

i'mable Collective brings together artists, craft makers, creatives and enterprises to develop a viable market for quality merchandise and services made by persons with disabilities. It creates enterprise opportunities to energise inclusive communities to bring about social impact. As a tangible expression of i'mable, i'mable Collective provides persons with disabilities meaningful engagement and fulfilling work to promote independence, and serves as an avenue to hone and showcase their capabilities.

Our Partners

The i’mable initiative is supported by Tote Board with the Enabling Lives Initiative, and the National Council of Social Service Care & Share Movement.

Together, we hope to bring about greater inclusion for persons with disabilities in school, at work and within our community.