Disability Support

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A first-stop resource portal for persons with disabilities and their caregivers, as well as disability professionals looking for information on disability support. 

To help persons with disabilities and caregivers make informed decisions about the schemes and services that best suit their life stage and needs, the Enabling Guide pulls together various relevant information and resources available in Singapore, and guides users on the different service options across the life stages.

Users can access the portal to find out more about:

  • Information on disability schemes and services
  • Various services related to education, financial assistance and more
  • Customised information via My Guide 

For caregivers looking for support in giving care and importantly, in caring for yourself, the Enabling Guide also features the Caregiver Learning Roadmap, a companion guide to help caregivers identify the knowledge and skills they need at different stages of their caregiving journey.

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Enabling Services Hubs (ESHs) offer community support for persons with disabilities and their caregivers closer to their homes. The establishment of such hubs is part of efforts under the Enabling Masterplan 2030.

These hubs aim to develop a stronger ecosystem of support for persons with disabilities in the community with befriending services, social recreational activities and courses.

Through collaborations with community partners such as People’s Association, SG Cares Volunteer Centres, CaringSG, schools and libraries, persons with disabilities and the community will be able to participate in activities together and nurture a more inclusive culture within the neighbourhood.

The first such hub, ESH@Tampines, serves residents with disabilities and their families living in Tampines and Bedok.


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