Toolkits for Employers

Starter Kit for Disability Employment

To better equip employers with the relevant knowledge and information, as well as to highlight some of the key considerations in hiring and sustaining persons with disabilities at the workplace, SG Enable has developed a starter guide for disability employment.

Last updated in April 2020.

Video Series: Creating a Disability-Inclusive Workplace for Persons with Disabilities 

Unsure of what to do when interviewing a person with visual impairment? Wondering what are reasonable workplace accommodations for persons with autism?   

Our latest video series helps to guide employers in creating an accessible and inclusive workplace for employees of various disability types. By creating an accessible workplace, persons with disabilities can become valuable assets to the team and contribute to the success of the organisation. Employers can also benefit from a diverse talent pool.

Disability Etiquette Guides

Most of the time, it is our inability to approach persons with disabilities in an appropriate way that make us incapable of integrating them into our work lives.

The lack of understanding of persons with disabilities stems from the lack of exposure, interaction and
prior knowledge.

SG Enable has developed a series of work etiquette guides for various disability types.

SG Enable Online HRM Series for Employers

One of the key considerations employers have towards hiring and managing persons with disabilities is the Human Resource Management (HRM) aspect, ranging from crucial topics such as Recruitment and Hiring of Persons with Disabilities to Career Advancement and Retention of Employees with Disabilities.

Job Redesign Guide for Inclusive Employers

This guide aims to help employers understand how to redesign jobs to better support and integrate employees with disabilities in the workplace.

It explains what job redesign is, how to implement it, and has case studies of organisations with best practices in job redesign. It also includes information on available grants and support for employers.