Why Hire?

A 2022 research study commissioned by SG Enable revealed that companies that are at a more mature stage of adopting disability-inclusive hiring practices are also perceived by their employees to have a stronger culture and organisational performance. Similarly, individuals who worked closely with persons with disabilities perceived their company culture and performance significantly more positively than individuals who do not. Overall, this suggests that there are benefits that companies can unlock by adopting more disability-inclusive hiring practices.


The President’s Challenge advocates for employers to include and empower persons with disabilities so that they can achieve their full potential. SG Enable supports the President’s Challenge Enabling Employment Pledge, through its i’mable Public Education initiative.

Your support as an employer is important in this national movement to build a caring and inclusive Singapore, where differences in abilities are valued and embraced.


We equip organisations with the necessary knowledge and skills to be ready to embark on disability-inclusive employment.


Before taking the leap to hire persons with disabilities, organisations can engage with them through our transition-to-work initiatives.


We support organisations that are keen to hire persons with disabilities through a range of consultancy services and grants.


The Enabling Mark is a national-level accreditation framework that benchmarks and recognises organisations for their best practices and outcomes in disability-inclusive employment. Organisations that hire persons with disabilities can apply.

Applications for the Enabling Mark Awards are now open until 30 April 2024!
Organised by SG Enable, the Enabling Mark Awards recognise the efforts of organisations and individuals for their best practices, outcomes and commitment in disability-inclusive employment.