Training Roadmap for Disability Employment Professionals

This training roadmap is specially developed to strengthen Disability Employment Professionals' competencies to better support persons with disabilities and their employers.

It serves as a first-stop guide with course recommendations to upskill and deepen their competencies.

Training Calendar for Sector Professionals

These trainings aim to develop and strengthen the competencies of sector employment professionals, enabling them to deliver better services to persons with disabilities and employers in terms of job placement, job coaching and support so as to help persons with disabilities integrate effectively into the workforce.

*Schedule is confirmed as of June 2024.

Community of Practice for Job Coaches in Disability Sector

The Community of Practice (CoP) is a platform for disability job coaches and employment specialists (who provide job support for persons with disabilities) to learn and collaborate with one another, as well as strengthen their competencies, with the aim of delivering better employment services to persons with disabilities and employers.

In each session, held once every two months, CoP members will discuss cases and challenges faced, share best practices and learn from their counterparts and other experts, including overseas practitioners - on finding solutions that provide strong and sustainable employment support for persons with disabilities and employers.

If you would like to share your experiences and learn from other sector professionals, join us as a CoP member by completing the form below.

If you have any queries regarding CoP, please email us at

In-House Job Coach Programme

Unlike job coaches who are typically from social service agencies, in-house job coaches are identified from within organisations that hire persons with disabilities and bring with them strong industry knowledge. They support the beneficiaries' integration at work, and help them with interpersonal skills and career planning.

We encourage employers to hire their own in-house job coaches or identify them within their organisation, so as to build their in-house capability to support the integration of employees with disabilities at the workplace.

Discover more about the integral role that in-house job coaches play in strengthening their organisation's disability-inclusive hiring efforts for growth and sustainability.

Ms Cha San San, a Service Manager in Shangri-La Singapore's Human Resources (Training) department, is among the many who have taken part in our pilot programme to train in-house job coaches. Ms Cha attended trainings such as the Advanced Certificate in Supported Employment, to equip herself as an in-house job coach to better support her colleagues with disabilities.

Read The Straits Times article (6 Dec 2021) to learn more about Ms Cha's experience as an in-house job coach.

SG Enable offers training and training subsidies for in-house job coaches. Employers who are interested to learn more can email

Advanced Certificate in Supported Employment (ACSE)

The ACSE is specially designed to build capabilities of Disability Employment Professionals in providing employment and employability support for persons with disabilities.

The advanced certificate programme will equip learnings with knowledge on how to carry out the following:

  • Assist persons with disabilities in their career planning
  • Manage interactions with different clients
  • Work with employers for job accommodations and modifications
  • Incorporate case management with person with disabilities
  • Provide counselling support for persons with disabilities
  • Manage conflicts between persons with disabilities and employers, caregivers and the community
  • Apply the support employment framework to design a support plan for persons with disabilities

The video below showcases the learning journeys of two of the participants and how they have enhanced or applied their skills at work after attending ACSE.