Statement of Purpose

Through the power of learning, Enabling Academy seeks to foster an inclusive society for persons with disabilities to live, learn and work. As a disability learning hub, we rally partners from the education, business and disability sectors to provide responsive and quality learning opportunities for persons with disabilities, and to enable their network of support through training. 


Who is Enabling Academy for?

  • For persons with disabilities who wish to receive diverse lifelong learning opportunities that support them in their personal growth and professional development
  • For the network of support around persons with disabilities - which include employers, disability employment professionals, caregivers, volunteers - who wish to access relevant and quality training to enable them in supporting persons with disabilities
  • For training providers who wish to work with Enabling Academy directly as the focal agency for disability-related training

Logo of Enabling Academy


Our Logo

The Academy’s hopes for persons with disabilities and the disability sector are represented in the logo:

  • The outline of the overall logo is in the shape of a key - leveraging the power of learning, to unlock persons with disabilities’ capabilities and potential, and the abilities of the network of support to build a more inclusive society
  • The concentric rings – showing a ripple effect – symbolise the Academy’s partnerships with like-minded stakeholders to curate and create new training opportunities
  • The ‘delta’ design in the Academy’s name signifies the Academy’s positive change for persons with disabilities, their network of support and the disability training space