Resources for Employers

Best Practices in Disability-Inclusive Employment

This series features best practices from the collective knowledge and experiences of trailblazing inclusive employers in Singapore.

Developed as digestible content with practical tips and applications, the case studies in this series serve as a blueprint for organisations seeking to learn from others on how to forge an inclusive workplace.

This series is supported by:

Image of 3 logos - from left to right: President's Challenge Empowering for Life Fund; i'mable; Enabling Lives Initiative.


Enabling Work App

Gain awareness for inclusive employment through the Enabling Work app, which provides simple, fun interactive learning for companies and co-workers to interact with and support colleagues with disabilities.

Learn how to:

  • Enable employees with disabilities at work
  • Make the workplace accessible and inclusive
  • Be inclusive in interviewing job candidates
  • Be supported through funding for workplace modifications

Scan the QR Code to download the Enabling Work App. The app is an initiative by SG Enable and the Singapore Business Network on Disability (SBNoD).

Image of 2 QR codes: The QR code on the left leads to the Enabling Work app on Google Play; the QR code on the right leads to the app in the App Store.

Guidebook for Employers working with Persons with Disabilities working as Assistant Early Years Educator in Early Childhood Centres

A guidebook co-developed by Presbyterian Community Services, SparkleTots and Presbyterian Preschool Services and Supported by Enabling Academy, for Employers and Early Childhood Centre Operators who are keen to employ persons with disabilities as assistant early years educators and understand how to work with them.

The guidebook provides a comprehensive background on the profile of the graduates from the Educator Aid Training Programme, the training they go through and the roles they can undertake to support the centre. The guidebook also underlines disability etiquette and how employers and colleagues can work with persons with disabilities.