SG Enable Online HRM Series for Employers

SG Enable has developed a series of HRM guides to equip employers with practical self-help tips to build up their capabilities and programmes to hire, retain and develop persons with disabilities in their workforce.

Recruitment and Hiring

This guide allows employers and HR professionals to

  • Learn more about the different types of disabilities,
  • Examine the current recruitment processes and procedures in the company, the types of jobs that would be suitable for persons with disabilities, and
  • How employers can employ and integrate persons with disabilities into their organisations.

Job Accommodation and Workplace Accessibility

This guide allows employers and HR professionals to understand the basics and benefits of accommodation and accessibility, as well as the role of employers and considerations necessary to put in place an accommodation process.

There is also a self-assessment checklist for organizations to examine various aspects such as the external and internal environment, company culture and emergency evacuation considerations.

Assistive Technology & e-Accessibility

This guide allows employers, HR professionals and persons with disabilities to understand the different types of assistive technology devices and the functions which they serve.

It also includes guidelines regarding the adoption and implementation of assistive technology as well as some of the basics of providing accessible content.


Career Advancement & Retention of Employees with Disabilities

This guide assists employers and supervisors to plan for the career advancement and retention of employees with disabilities in their organisations.