Co-create a canvas of inclusivity together with persons with disabilities! This is part of a collaboration between Frasers Property and SG Enable. Find out more here.
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Funding & Support for Employer Training

Open Door Programme (ODP) Training Grant

a. Training Course Fee

Employers can receive funding of up to 95% of the course fee when they send their employees with disabilities for training programmes supported by SG Enable.

b. Course Fee for Co-workers

Employers can receive funding of up to 90% funding when they send their employees without disabilities to attend workshops/courses to build confidence in working with colleagues with disabilities.

To register as an Open Door Employer

Please click on the link below to login via SingPass.

Upon login, select "For Employer" in the side bar and click on "Register Here" to register as a new employer.

Image of the SingPass login

If you have any enquiries, you may contact us at the following:


Tel: 1800-8585 885