Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google Career Certificate Scholarship Programme about?

The Google Career Certificate Scholarship Programme was launched in January 2022 to promote the acquisition of in-demand digital skills.

The self-paced courses are developed by Google and hosted on Coursera. Each course can be completed by the learner within three to six months. Upon completion, the learner will be awarded a Google Career Certificate.

SG Enable has partnered with Google to administer the scholarship programme for persons with disabilities.

Interested persons with disabilities can apply for the scholarship by contacting us at to apply.

Who can apply?

Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) who are aged 18 and above with at least one of the following permanent disabilities:

  1. Autism
  2. Intellectual disabilities
  3. Physical disabilities
  4. Sensory disabilities – Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  5. Sensory disabilities – Blind or Low Vision

What is this scholarship about?

The Google Career Certificate Scholarship covers the Coursera subscription fees.

This means that learners with disabilities who apply for any of the six courses will receive a complimentary Coursera account licence to complete their selected courses.

How do I know if my application is successful?

SG Enable will reply all applicants within 3 to 5 working days from the date of application received (where complete particulars are duly received).

Is this programme means-tested?

No. We hope to encourage more persons with disabilities to acquire in-demand skillsets to stay relevant in the digital economy.

Is there any cost involved?

As the six courses are part of the Google Career Certificate Scholarship Programme, there is no cost to register for, enrol in and complete the courses.

How many courses are there?

There are ten courses available as listed below:

1. Advanced Data Analytics

2. Cybersecurity 

3. Business Intelligence

4. Data Analytics

5. Digital Marketing & E-commerce

6. IT Automation

7. IT Support

8. Project Management

9. User Experience (UX) Design

10. Google AI Essentials

Learners can:

  • Select from any of the courses listed above
  • Select more than one course
  • Switch from one course to another, as and when desired

Must I decide on the course during application?

Applicants do not need to decide on the course when submitting the application form.

Nevertheless, applicants are highly encouraged to self-research on the various course, to determine if it is in line with the skill sets they require to stay relevant. Upon award of the scholarship, the applicant will have to select a minimum of one course on their Coursera account.

When is the application period?

The application for the scholarship is now open. Kindly note that all awarded recipients will be given a personalised Coursera account to facilitate their learning. Learners are encouraged to complete the certificates within one year of the scholarship.

May I enrol in more than one course?

Yes, you can enrol in any number of courses.

Can I switch to another course?

Yes, you can switch to another course anytime. Kindly note that the certificate will only be awarded to the learner who has completed any of the courses. This means any incomplete course will not be awarded a certificate.

When must I complete the course(s)?

All awarded scholarship Coursera licences will expire on 31 December 2025. You are highly encouraged to complete the track prior to the licence expiry.

Note: SG Enable reserves the right to revoke the scholarship licences of learners who fail to log into their account for 30 consecutive calendar days.

Upon completion of the course, how will I receive the certificate?

Upon completion on either of the courses, you will receive a digital certificate issued through Coursera. Kindly note that you will be required to provide a government-issued ID to earn the certificate (e.g. NRIC, Driver’s Licence, or Passport).