ESP Employability Training

Training Provider: SPD
Area of Training: Personal Development
Course Period: 30 July 2024 - 1 August 2024

The ESP Employability Training programme prepares newly enrolled Employment Support Programme (ESP) clients for future employment through structure employability enhancement training.

The programme covers 5 modules with focus on travelling, managing employment expectations, self-understanding, development of professional behaviour and ethics in a workplace setting, and staying relevant in the workforce.

Learning Outcomes

  • Planning and managing own public transport journey and alternative transport arrangements during crisis
  • Gain a better understanding of own employment expectations and meaning of employment
  • Cultivate self-confidence
  • Evaluate own skillset gaps to identify future training options to bridge employment challenges

Mode of Delivery

Trainings are conducted in-person at Enabling Village.

For more information on course details, please contact the training provider directly at


Course Duration

21 hours (3 days)

Nett Fee (Payable by Trainees)


Training Venue

Enabling Village

Training Provider's Contact