In our third such collaboration with the National Day Parade (NDP) organisers, 22 designs by artists with disabilities from 16 social service agencies and special education schools have been featured on the 2022 NDP Packs. 

These artworks capture the creativity and aspirations of their creators, illuminating their colourful and unique perceptions of their beloved nation. They highlight our common experiences and things that we hold dear as Singaporeans and encourage us to look toward the future with confidence. 

This collaboration is part of i’mable, SG Enable’s public education initiative, which encourages Singapore to take positive action for disability inclusion. It celebrates the abilities of persons with disabilities and envisions a nation where every individual is valued as an integral member of society. 

APSN Delta Senior School

APSN Delta Senior School is part of APSN Education Services Ltd, a social service agency that provides special education and student care, and adult care. It adopts a holistic approach in its curriculum and programmes which includes vocational and social skills to prepare its beneficiaries for open employment and lifelong learning, and enables persons with special needs to be active contributors to society.


Singapore, My Beautiful Home

Goh Jing Yi Beatrice, 18


What Makes Us Singaporeans

Nur Danielle Gan Binte Shairul, 18

Canossian School

Canossian School started by the Canossian nuns took to its humble beginnings in 1956. The school is a Special Education School which caters to children with hearing loss and works with its partner, Canossa Catholic Primary School to offer an inclusive mainstream schooling experience for the students.


Roar with Courage

Katelyn Mah Hui En, 7

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore provides persons with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities with early intervention, special education, rehabilitation services, day ​activity centre programmes, vocational training and employment. It hopes to empower individuals by helping them realise their full potential and lead fulfilled, dignified lives.


Frontline Superheroes

Minah Binti Mohd, 54
Siti Nuraisyah Binte Abdul Manaf, 37
Wang Shi Min Zoe, 26


As One United People

Ang Wei Lun, 33
Tan Bing Yao, 31
Lim Jia Jun Henry, 23



Move Forward and Be Stronger!

Dang Yun Ying, 17

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School

Down Syndrome Association

Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) is dedicated to serving the needs of persons with down syndrome and their families. They believe in: Developing individuals with down syndrome through lifelong learning and social integration; Supporting families through specialist services, information and education; Advocating for equal opportunities, quality of life and their contribution to society. 


Stronger Together

Benjamin Lee Wai Hon, 34

Eden School

Eden School maximises the potential and transforms the lives of its students through a quality education that encompasses an autism-focused curriculum, competent staff and strong family collaboration.


Sayang Sayang

Andri Farrell Bin Azhar, 13


My Photo Frames

Louis Tan Kay How, 13

Grace Orchard School

Grace Orchard School caters to students diagnosed with Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) and/or Mild Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Having just celebrated her 20th anniversary last year, she has been faithful to her mission: We Shape Special Lives for Significance: Rooted in Values, Prepared for Life, and Empowered to Make a Difference.


Stronger Together as a Multi-Racial and Multi-Religious Nation

Putri Nur Salihah Binte Abdul, 14

Metta Welfare Association

Metta Welfare Association provides social services in children care, special education, disability care, supported employment for youth and medical care ranging from infancy to old age, regardless of race or religion. We are dedicated to delivering social service programmes for individuals and families by collaborating with our donors, partners, vendors and community organisations. 


Keeping Mother Earth Healthy

Donovan Ho Ji Xian, 28
Jozie Keok Yue Ting, 28
Muhammad Fadhil Bin Abdul Jalil, 27
Namira Binte Ismail, 31
Seah Chee Meng, 33
Tan Yan Min, 24
Yong Qiao Qi, 30
Teo Wen Yin Brenda, 23


Keeping Home Safe

Donovan Ho Ji Xian, 28
Jozie Keok Yue Ting, 28
Muhammad Fadhil Bin Abdul Jalil, 27
Namira Binte Ismail, 31
Seah Chee Meng, 33
Tan Yan Min, 24
Yong Qiao Qi, 30
Teo Wen Yin Brenda, 23


MINDS has been serving persons with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) across their entire lifespan in the past 59 years. Helping and enhancing the quality of life of over 3,000 PWIDs annually, and also caring for and supporting of the families and caregivers of PWIDs. Today, with a close to 800-strong workforce supported by passionate volunteers, MINDS runs over 30 facilities, services and programmes island-wide.


Singapore Through a Kaleidoscope

Ong Xin Min, 23

SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre


My Life in Singapore

Eng Yong Chuan, 31

SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre


Stronger Together, Majulah

Adele Ong Zhi Yi, 17

MINDS Towner Gardens School

Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore)

Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) also known as MDAS, is a non-profit social service agency that supports persons with muscular dystrophy and their families facing the life-threatening effects of neuromuscular conditions. It is committed to uplifting the lives of persons with muscular dystrophy and enhancing the quality of life for them and their families.


SG Animal Heroes

Chan Yi Jun Timothy, 31



Sng Wen Zhen Daniel, 17

Rainbow Centre

Rainbow Centre envisions a world where persons with disabilities are empowered and thriving in inclusive communities. It works with partners to create opportunities for persons with disabilities to make the most of their abilities and participate meaningfully in society.


Let's Makan!

Nurul Natasha Binte Mohamed Khir, 17


Heritage Games

Daniel Terence Lagman, 18
Jezebel Ng Si Ting, 16

Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School

Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped

Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped is the national social service agency for the visually impaired. It provides clients with various rehabilitation and support services such as independent living skills and mobility training, recreational and social activities, Braille and audio material, assistive equipment, job skills support and job placement.


Singapore's Beauty

Katy Lee, 71
Neena d/o Unni Krishna Mara, 61

The Singapore Association for the Deaf

Established in 1955, the Singapore Association for the Deaf has been serving the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community for the past six decades.


My Reflections

Mimi Ng, 61

TOUCH Community Services

Since 1992, TOUCH Community Services has served people of all ages, races and religions to see sustainable change and transformation in their lives. It believes in the worth and potential of every child, youth at-risk, family in need, senior and person with special or healthcare needs to grow, participate and contribute in the community. The heartbeat of TOUCH is to activate potential, build independence, connect people, and deliver impact by developing sustainable solutions in society.


Let's Bloom Onward!

Teo Gyan Lan Annie, 53