Frequently Asked Questions

What are the courses supported?
Are online courses also supported?

The fund supports SkillsFuture courses, continual learning and education by CET centres, educational institutions (i.e., Institute of Technical Education, Polytechnics, Universities, private IHLs (e.g., Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts)), selected training programmes offered by Social Service Agencies, and any course stated on SG Enable’s website. Learning in various modes, including online, are supported.

What if the course that I want to attend is not listed on the website?

Email with details of your selected course for their consideration.

Include course name, name of training providers, and the website address/URL of the selected course.

Can I leverage on this fund on top of my SkillsFuture credits?

Yes, this fund can be used with other existing government grants to defray out-of-pocket expenses relating to course fees, learning support services, and/or learning devices.

Is this funding scheme a means-tested one?/ Are there any income criteria?

This fund is not means-tested. 

How do you verify if an applicant is a person with disability?

Applicants need to submit any of the following documents:

  • Persons with Disabilities Concession Card
  • Proof of membership in a disability social service agency, or
  • A doctor's memo certifying a permanent disability


Can this fund support stroke survivors and/or persons with brain injury?

Yes, if the injury results in certified permanent disabilities such as physical disabilities, sensory disabilities (e.g., visual impairment/hearing loss), and intellectual disabilities.

What are the supporting documents required for the application?

The following documents are required:

  • Documentary proof of disability
  • Bank Account information (Screenshot of bank name, account holder name and account number. Account holder to be the applicant's name otherwise evidence of proof of relation is required e.g. Birth Certificate AND 
  • For Course Fees
    • Course receipts OR 
  • For cost of learning devices and/or services
    • Course receipts OR An endorsement of need (letter) by employer, SSA, sector professionals stating how the device is needed for work or daily living for claims not related to courses
    • Learning device/services receipts OR
  • For transport cost
    • Documentary proof of course dates
    • Transport cost receipts

When is the application period?

Applications for the Fund are open till 31 December 2023. Click here to apply.

For assistance, email