NDP 2023

A red logo with a motif of a lion, the number 58, and 5 stars. Text reads, Onward as One, NDP 2023.

In our fourth-year collaboration with the National Day Parade (NDP), we brought together a group of talented individuals, including 21 artists with disabilities from 13 Social Service Agencies and eight Special Education Schools, and 4 SG Enable Enabling Volunteers from different Institutes of Higher Learning, who have collaborated to create four unique artworks for the 2023 NDP Packs.

What sets this fourth year apart is our commitment to inclusion right from the beginning of the process, where 21 persons with disabilities across different ages, abilities, and organisations came together with our Enabling Volunteers to co-create four designs. Through co-creation, we are fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among persons with disabilities, and showcasing the potential and power of inclusion as an integral feature in the fabric of our nation.

The final artworks are four tangible symbols of our collective efforts to build a more inclusive Singapore. Our artists have creatively explored ways to celebrate Singapore’s diversity and strength, while expressing our love for Singapore and our hope for the future, “Onward as One”.

We hope that beyond appreciating and celebrating the artistic abilities you witness here, you will realise that the artworks do not emphasise their difference, but rather, they highlight what is common amongst all of us – that our shared experiences are truly what makes us Singaporeans.



Diversity - A drawing of the Singapore map, with landmarks and specialties of each area drawn out.

'Diversity', co-created by 5 artists with disabilities and an SG Enable Enabling Volunteer, portrays the vibrant and multifaceted nature of Singapore.

‘Diversity’ reveals the shape of Singapore, with sections that showcase the diverse communities that make up the nation. It features iconic elements such as HDB flats, transportation modes like buses and MRT, landmarks including Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands, and a diverse representation of people.

The artwork symbolises unity amidst diversity, celebrating the inclusivity and multicultural fabric of Singaporean society. National Servicemen are depicted, highlighting their commitment to defence and National Service.

‘Diversity’ invites viewers to appreciate the richness and complexity of Singapore's cultural tapestry, created by individuals with unique perspectives. It stands as a visual testament to the nation's commitment to inclusivity, unity, and resilience.

Meet the Artists

Artists of 'Diversity' - Esmond (MINDS Woodlands Garden School), Nurasyurah (MINDS Towner Gardens School), Zenneth (MINDS Fernvale Gardens School), Ken (Rainbow Centre), Song Yang (Eden School), Justine (Nanyang Polytechnic).

Fabric of Singapore

Fabric of Singapore - a circular design with various Singaporean landmarks and iconic patterns.

'Fabric of Singapore', co-created by 5 artists with disabilities and an SG Enable Enabling Volunteer, showcases the unique fusion of tradition and modernity that defines Singapore. It features a patchwork that captures the essence of the nation's identity.

The core of the patchwork features traditional motifs centered around a striking red dot symbolising unity and resilience. The artists seamlessly integrate traditional motifs with modern landmarks like the ArtScience Museum and Esplanade, celebrating Singapore's cultural heritage and progress.

Surrounding the central composition, motifs inspired by tiles and patterns from our traditional heritage pay homage to the nation's diverse cultural traditions. The artwork incorporates elements of nature, with flowers and plants symbolising Singapore's harmonious coexistence with nature.

'Fabric of Singapore' serves as a visual tribute to the nation's unity, resilience, and commitment to preserving its cultural heritage while embracing progress.

Meet the Artists

Artists of 'Fabric of Singapore' - Nur Aleesya (CPAS), Siti (MINDS IEDC), Mark (Rainbow Centre), Jermyn (TOUCH), Ramachandran (Lighthouse School), Jordan (LASSALLE College of the Arts).


Connectedness - an artists' impression of the Singapore MRT map, with some close-up drawings of different local transport.

'Connectedness', co-created by 5 artists with disabilities and an SG Enable Enabling Volunteer, showcases Singapore's role as a thriving hub of connectivity and her strength in fostering internal harmony while extending its influence outward.

Inspired by the iconic MRT map, the artwork features crisscrossing lines that represent the extensive network connecting Singapore's bustling transportation system.

Scattered throughout the artwork, bubbles showcase various modes of transport, from MRT trains to cruises and departing planes from Changi Airport. Each element signifies the seamless connectivity that characterizes the nation, emphasizing her role as a global hub.

4 arrows point outward, representing the nation's ability to connect with the world while keeping her roots alive. They serve as a reminder of Singapore's commitment to embracing her past while moving confidently into the future.

'Connectedness' reflects Singapore’s connectivity, harmony, and progress. It celebrates Singapore's vibrant energy, adaptability, and ability to forge meaningful connections within its borders and beyond.

Meet the Artists

Artists of 'Connectedness' - Ethan (APSN), Daniyal (Grace Orchard School), Aeden (APSN), Gin Long (Rainbow Centre), Chia How (St. Andrew's Autism School), Dao (Nanyang Polytechnic).

Blooming Singapore

Blooming Singapore - a drawing of a Vanda Miss Joaquim, with drawings of different aspects of Singapore in each of its petals.

'Blooming Singapore' was co-created by 6 artists with disabilities and an SG Enable Enabling Volunteer.

The artwork shaped like Singapore's National Flower, an orchid, symbolises the nation's resilience and blooming progress. A heart-shaped center connects the petals, each representing a unique facet of Singapore, symbolising unity and harmony.

Each petal of the orchid showcases the nation's vibrant energy and cultural richness, inspired by Braille dots, celebrating the diverse people of Singapore and their commitment to inclusivity and harmony.

From noodles to local treats like Ice Kachang, one petal celebrates Singapore's rich food culture and the joy of shared culinary experiences.

The vibrant petals reflect Singapore's ever-evolving landscapes, including transportation and landmarks, capturing the nation's progress, and innovation.

'Blooming Singapore' is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of different cultures and traditions. It embodies Singapore's inclusive spirit and its journey of growth, blooming into a nation that embraces its multicultural fabric while forging a shared future.

Meet the Artists

Artists of 'Blooming Singapore' - Wei Lun (CPAS), Chunru (DSA), Fadhil (Metta Welfare Association), Katy (SAVH), Kay Choong (MDAS), Joy (ART:DIS), Alandy (Nanyang Polytechnic).