Photo Phactory - Reimagining Peranakan Collection (2022)

Photo Phactory married their signature Peranakan style and visual aesthetics with three NDP artworks from 2020, 2021 and 2022 to create vibrant and exclusive designs which were printed on lifestyle products such as trays, coasters, cheeseboards and jewellery boxes under “Reimagining Peranakan Collection”.

Read about the three NDP artworks: SG Animal Heroes, Hands Up and My Little Blue Merlion

Tray with SG Animal Heroes NDP design

Animal Heroes
Inspired by SG Animal Heroes NDP 2022
by Chan Yi Jun Timothy
Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore)

Timothy was inspired by Singapore’s heritage playgrounds and its iconic dragon design seen across the park. His artwork features HDB flats which form a common backdrop for most local communities in Singapore. Hous­ing estates accompanied by the classic “Dragon” playgrounds found in Toa Payoh and Ang Mo Kio add a local charm to this print. Photo Phactory celebrates the extraordinary locals who make up Singapore, bringing together technical artistry seen in peranakan tiles and in Timo­thy’s illustration. This design features unique details found in the tiles of shophouses in Joo Chiat Lane. The delicate floral designs exemplify the de­tail and elegance found in traditional Peranakan Tiles. Inspired by the bold shapes and bright hues of traditional tiles, this inclusive reinterpretation seamlessly blends the worlds of the modern and the past.

Box with Hands Up NDP design


Hands Together
Inspired by Hands Up! NDP 2021
by Amanda Chin Mei, 29 , Dawson Tan Siong Chuan, 23 , Lee Yan Ting, 25 , Lim Thye Ann, 23 , Samuel Lee En Ci, 24 & Seth Klein, 19
Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)

This artwork exemplifies the power of collaboration, with the incorporation of unique perspectives from six different artists. The three hands in different sizes and colours symbolise a communi­ty coming together striving for a common good. Singapore is famous for its multicultural and multigenerational family system. We recognize the value of supporting and helping each other. This ideal is represented as vibrant colors coming together symbolizing strength in unity combined with the peranakan tile motifs. Per­anakan tiles found in colourful shophouses are a quintessential part of Singapore’s storied heritage and embody the spirit of cultural fusion.

Cheese Board with The Blue Merlion NDP design


The Blue Merlion
Inspired by My Little Blue Merlion NDP 2020
by Tan Bing Yao 28

Bing Yao chose to feature the Merlion in his artwork because of its international reputation as Singapore’s national icon. The artwork portrays the resilience and vitality of the Merlion as it skilfully rides the waves amidst strong winds. Also, the Merlion represents our island’s origins as a fishing village and this symbol has captured the hearts of all the island’s inhabitants.

In commemoration of the Golden jubilee of the iconic Merlion statue, located at Merlion Park, Photo Phactory decided to incorporate Bing Yao’s artwork featuring the national symbol into this design. By combining Bing Yao’s pointillist style of artwork with vintage floral motifs, this reinterpretation of tiles combines artistic creativity and traditional hand-painted aes­thetics.

These products will be available for sale at Design Orchard and online.