Innovation Projects

Innovation is in our DNA. We enable social innovations in different domains for persons with disabilities by rallying partners and harnessing their expertise and resources for impactful pilots.

Enabling Village

Enabling Village is an award-winning, first of its kind inclusive community space in Singapore with a strong focus on training and employment for persons with disabilities. We bring together partners from the public, people and private sectors to pilot social innovations for persons with disabilities.

The career centre by SG Enable and our three partners, Autism Resource Centre, MINDS and SPD offers integrated employment assistance to persons with disabilities.

The first inclusive preschool for Singapore, Kindle Garden, was set up here, and the first inclusive community gym in our nation started in Enabling Village with specialised equipment and barrier-free access for persons with disabilities and the elderly.

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Smart Home Guide

While smart home technology can help persons with disabilities live more independently, many persons with disabilities and their caregivers are still not familiar with it. Hence, SG Enable partnered Google and launched a Smart Home Guide in July 2020. Understanding user needs is critical and we worked with Google to install smart home devices in the homes of Edwin, Isabelle and Azlin, to understand the benefits and potential challenges of using smart home technology by them.

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Barrier-free Navigation App

To make accessibility information more readily available for wheelchair users, we worked with Singapore Land Authority to map barrier-free routes in selected areas in Singapore. A pilot app was developed with this data for user testing, with the longer-term aim of adding the barrier-free routing function to OneMap, the authoritative national map of Singapore. 

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Special Coding Olympics

As part of our ongoing efforts to introduce coding to students with special needs, we supported mangoSTEEMS and Science Centre Singapore to launch the first-ever Special Coding Olympics. The 2023 edition of the competition saw the participation of over 100 SEN students. 

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Wearable AI Travel Assistant

Through the Enabling Lives Initiative Grant, we funded Nanyang Polytechnic’s development of a wearable AI travel assistant which enables persons with visual impairment to travel independently. This travel assistant is an enhancement of an e-Guide Dog project that we had funded in an earlier grant call.

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Social Innovation Projects Supported by
Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant

SG Enable brings together the community of non-profit oranisations, social enterprises and innovators to create scalable, meaningful solutions for persons with disabilties.

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