Assistive Technology

Persons with disabilities face a number of barriers in daily living, be it in their physical environments, accessing digital content, or communicating with others.

Specialised equipment and mainstream devices with accessibility features are just some better-known examples of assistive technology (AT).

"For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible."

- IBM Training Manual, 1991

Benefits of Assistive Technology (AT) 

For Persons with Disabilities:

With the appropriate choice of an AT device, persons with disabilities can enjoy a more independent life:

  • In school: Students with disabilities can participate in classroom activities more actively, which also helps increase their confidence. 
  • At work: When supported with suitable AT equipments, employees with disabilities have proven themselves to be as capable as their counterparts in their work performance.
  • At play: AT enables persons with disailities to be included in settings which are less restrictive, and increases their social mobility to connect with their communities in common physical or digital environments.

An AT assessment by a therapist can help identify suitable AT devices and software for a person with disabilities, based on his/her environment and needs.

There are also subsidies available.

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For Businesses:

When employers provide assistive technology to employees with disabilities, they make the workplace more accessible and enables everyone with all abilities to contribute meaningfully and effectively.

  • To better support your employee with disabilities through an inclusive working environment, reasonable accommodation for the use of AT should be provisioned, and it should not be difficult to do so. Learn more >

Project Showcase

Smart Home Guide

Developed in partnership with Google, the Smart Home Guide helps persons with disabilities and their caregivers know how they can customise their homes based on unique needs and enhance the home’s overall accessibility. Check out the media coverage >

Pilot Robotics Workshop for Blind Students

Tech Able piloted workshops to interest students with disabilities in the area of robotics and coding. Together with Curious Squirrels, a robotics trainer, introductory sessions were held for students in Grace Orchard School and Lighthouse School. Lego WeDo was used as the medium for students to experience robotics and coding. Find out more >