SG Enable Announces New Initiative to Grow Market for Products Designed and Created by Persons with Disabilities

23 Nov 2019

​SINGAPORE, 23 NOVEMBER 2019 – SG Enable will be setting up a new initiative aimed at enabling special artists and artisans to hone their talents and showcase their skills in art, design and handicrafts. Under the i’mable (pronounced “I’m Able”) Collective, SG Enable will be forming a coalition of organisations from the people, public and private sectors that are committed to collaborating and contributing knowledge and resources to create a viable market for products made or designed by persons with disabilities. The announcement was made at the i’mable Gift Market event at the Enabling Village, which was graced by President Halimah Yacob. 

The Collective was mooted in response to feedback from the disability sector that their clients would benefit from more opportunities to train and work in the creative space and showcase their products. This could be facilitated by a concerted effort, drawing on the expertise and resources of the wider community.

“From designing artwork to making handicraft, many of the social service agencies and social enterprises already have existing infrastructure to develop persons with disabilities as creative talents. The Collective represents a strong commitment to create more opportunities for them to showcase their capabilities and empower them through collaboration and employment,” said i’mable Workgroup Co-Chair and SG Enable board member Jean Tan.

The i’mable Collective will be a collaborative effort involving people, private and public sector players. Central to the Collective are the Makers – social service agencies, social enterprises, and special artists and artisans. As the Convenor, SG Enable aims to attract organisations to partner the Collective – to impart industry knowledge and subject matter expertise (e.g. product design, craft skills) to the Makers, and to provide business opportunities to Makers to participate in the creation of quality gift products. Together, the Collective seeks to give persons with disabilities access to new economic and engagement opportunities that promote their independence and participation in the community.

“It is this collaboration, this unity, that makes this initiative special, and is critical to the success of the Collective. We will devote efforts and resources to connect Makers with Partners to build their capabilities and expand avenues for collaboration, and corporate clients keen on procuring top-of-class products with a social cause,” said i’mable Workgroup Co-Chair and SG Enable board member Xie Yao Quan.

The i’mable Collective is part of the broader i’mable initiative to:

  • Change public perceptions by highlighting the abilities of persons with disabilities. The i’mable initiative will harness opportunities for collaboration to showcase the value creation and excellence that can be achieved when different sectors in Singapore come together. It also aims to spur companies to leverage on the competitive advantages of making inclusiveness an integral part of corporate strategy.
  • Create more opportunities for persons with disabilities through partnering the talent and resources of the wider community to enable them to live up to their potential and be meaningfully engaged in society.
  • Take positive action for persons with disabilities by inviting organisations and society as a whole, to integrate and actively empower them through collaboration, employment, sponsorship, and procurement. 

“The hope for i’mable is that it becomes a movement for an inclusive Singapore, where the community embraces the uniqueness of every individual, and everyone is valued for who they are,” said SG Enable Chief Executive Officer, Ms Ku Geok Boon.

The i’mable Gift Market was held at the Enabling Village today for the public to shop for festive gifts. The event saw more than 30 vendors offering a myriad of products, of which over 20 carry items by artists and artisans with disabilities from the social service agencies and social enterprises for the festive shopping season.