VMware Aurora: Digital Skills - Level 2

Training Provider: VMware
Area of Training: Advertising, Sales & Marketing

Image shows a lady in a headdress looking at a laptop, along with text that says “Skills Ignition SG. Apply for a Google Career Certificate Scholarship”. The logos of Google and Enabling Academy by SG Enable are in the image too.


This learning path aims to equip learners with industry-recognised sales techniques required for prospecting and lead qualification, and introduces learners to common Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Learners can also expect to pick up basic business and finance acumen, and identify the different types of financial statements that salespersons are required to understand.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify common CRM tools and perform basic functions for at least one CRM
  • Demonstrate at least one prospecting technique along the different stages of the sales pipeline
  • Practise ways to qualify leads and prospects along the different stages of the sales pipeline
  • Identify and analyse at least one financial statement to understand the customer's business challenges, goals, and choice of solutions
  • Apply skills of prospecting and lead qualifying in common B2B or B2C situations


List of Courses

  1. Learning LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  2. *Prospecting Skills
  3. Sales Prospecting
  4. *Lead Qualification Skills
  5. Sales Pipeline Management
  6. Excel: Analyzing Your Sales Pipeline
  7. Salesforce Essential Training
  8. *Fundamentals of Finance when Running a Business
  9. *Building Business Relationships
  10. *Developing Business Acumen

*For the completion of this learning path, learners must undertake and complete 5 compulsory courses.


Skills You Will Gain

  • Strategic Prospecting
  • Lead Qualification
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Business and Sales Acumen
  • Need Analysis and Gathering
  • Relationship Building
  • Customer Relationship Management

Course Duration

Self-paced. 4 to 5 hours (compulsory courses) & 5 hours (non-compulsory courses)

Nett Fee (Payable by Trainees)

There is no cost to register, enrol and complete the course.

Training Venue

Online via VMware Customer Connect Learning platform and LinkedIn Learning

Training Provider's Contact

Interested persons with disabilities can apply for the VMware Aurora Programme by contacting us at learningfund@sgenable.sg to apply.