VMware Aurora: Digital Skills - Level 1

Training Provider: VMware
Area of Training: Information and Communications

Image shows a lady in a headdress looking at a laptop, along with text that says “Skills Ignition SG. Apply for a Google Career Certificate Scholarship”. The logos of Google and Enabling Academy by SG Enable are in the image too.


This learning path aims to equip learners with the skills to navigate and use everyday business communication platforms and effective communication and teach learners how to use key business writing principles across different modes of communication. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise and communicate using business communication software (Teams, Outlook, Zoom, Google Meet)
  • Demonstrate business presentation and communication skills
  • Identify different types of writing and functions
  • Apply different business writing principles for different forms of writing

List of Courses

  1. *Outlook Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365)
  2. *Zoom Essential Training
  3. *^Google Meet Essential Training
  4. *^Microsoft Teams Essential Training
  5. How to Give a Great Presentation
  6. Engaging your Virtual Audience
  7. *Communication Foundations
  8. Public Speaking Foundations
  9. Project Management Foundations: Small Projects
  10. Tips for Better Business Writing
  11. Writing a Business Report
  12. *Business Writing Principles


*For the completion of this learning path, learners must undertake and complete 5 compulsory courses.
^Choose 1 out of 2.


Skills You Will Gain

  • Project Management
  • Business Communication
  • Business Presentation Skills
  • Business Writing Skills

Course Duration

Self-paced. 8 to 10 hours (compulsory courses) & 6 hours (non-compulsory courses)

Nett Fee (Payable by Trainees)

There is no cost to register, enrol and complete the course.

Training Venue

Online via VMware Customer Connect Learning platform and LinkedIn Learning

Training Provider's Contact

Interested persons with disabilities can apply for the VMware Aurora Programme by contacting us at learningfund@sgenable.sg to apply.