VMware Aurora: Digital Skills - Level 0

Training Provider: VMware
Area of Training: Information and Communications

Image shows a lady in a headdress looking at a laptop, along with text that says “Skills Ignition SG. Apply for a Google Career Certificate Scholarship”. The logos of Google and Enabling Academy by SG Enable are in the image too.

The VMware Aurora programme aims to empower persons with disabilities with the skills needed in today’s digital workforce. This complimentary self-paced programme covers digital and sales skills ranging from computer security and internet safety to customer relationship management.

Persons with disabilities can apply for the programme through SG Enable.

VMware will also be organising a monthly Ask Me Anything webinar to learn more about VMware Aurora - what training is available, what job opportunities persons with disabilities could access and how the program enhances employability for a sales role in the IT industry. For more information on the webinar, visit:  www.vmware.com/aurora.

Next webinar date: 21 July 2022, Thursday

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how computers and devices work
  • Perform basic functions on a computer
  • Create and organise information in emails, documents, powerpoints, excel sheets
  • Demonstrate ways to practice safety in using the computer and the internet

List of Courses

  1. *Working with Computers and Devices
  2. *Learning Powerpoint 2019 or Learning PowerPoint 2021
  3. *Learning Excel 2019 Excel Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365)
  4. *Word 2019 Essential Training
  5. Learning Computer Security and Internet Safety
  6. Working and Collaborating Online

*For the completion of this learning path, learners must undertake and complete 4 compulsory courses.

If you do not have Word/Excel/Powerpoint on your device, visit the link here to use these tools on the web for free.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Digital Skills
  • Content Creation using Digital Software
  • Content Organisation
  • Data Management
  • Collaboration

Course Duration

Self-paced. 48 hours (compulsory courses) & 3 hours (non-compulsory courses)

Nett Fee (Payable by Trainees)

There is no cost to register, enrol and complete the course.

Training Venue

Online via VMware Customer Connect Learning platform and LinkedIn Learning

Training Provider's Contact

Interested persons with disabilities can apply for the VMware Aurora Programme by contacting us at learningfund@sgenable.sg to apply.