Advance Landing Page with Webflow

Training Provider: Upskillcycle Pte Ltd
Area of Training: Information and Communications
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Trainees will be equipped to use Webflow, a no-code tool used for website construction. They will also be taught to use "1 Page Marketing Plan" to craft a sales and marketing plan.

Trainees will learn to create lead magnets and effective landing pages. They will also use Webflow CMS and other software as a service, to create a simple lead generation solution for their clients. 

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

  • Introduction to Webflow fundamentals
  • Understanding the "1 Page Marketing Plan" to apply marketing efforts for sales
  • Understanding to create  effective landing pages and lead magnets
  • Understanding Webflow CMS and various integrations to enhance Webflow websites

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This course is eligible for funding of up to $1,000 under the Temasek-Trust CDC Lifelong Learning Enabling Fund. Click here for more information.


Course Duration

6 hours

Nett Fee (Payable by Trainees)


Training Venue

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