Image shows a man looking at a laptop, along with text that says “Meta Career Programme Software Engineering”. The logos of Meta and SG Enable are in the image too.



Meta Career Software Engineering Programme


What is it?

Meta Career Programmes offers five career programmes for persons with disabilities interested in upskilling themselves in the field of software engineering. The career programme covers Front-End Developer Programme, Back-End Developer Programme, Android Developer Programme, iOS Developer Programme and Database Engineer Programme.

What courses are available?

The scholarships cover courses in the following areas:

  • Front-End Developer Programme
  • Back-End Developer Programme
  • Android Developer Programme
  • iOS Developer Programme
  • Database Engineer Programme

Designed by Meta, these courses allow persons with disabilities to learn at their own pace. These are hosted on Coursera for free, certification is optional and fees apply if required. By completing these certificates, learners will earn industry-recognised credentials from Meta that will unlock exclusive access to the Meta Career Programmes Jobs Board.

Persons with disabilities seeking assistance or training providers keen to partner us can email us at