Enabling Masterplan

What is the Enabling Masterplan?

Launched in 2007, the Enabling Masterplan charts the development of programmes and services in the disability sector, and serves as a roadmap for Singapore to build a more inclusive society where persons with disabilities are empowered and enabled to realise their true potential. It is reviewed every 5 years, and is now in its 3rd iteration.

Enabling Masterplan 2017 – 2021

Building on the efforts of the past two Enabling Masterplans, the 3rd Enabling Masterplan will focus on 4 key thrusts to guide initiatives for the period 2017 to 2021. These are:

  • Improv​ing the quality of life of persons with disabilities
  • Supporting caregivers
  • Building the community
  • Building an inclusive society

SG Enable is proud to be a member of the 3rd Enabling Masterplan Steering Committee. 

The full report for the 3rd Enabling Masterplan can be downloaded here.