At SG Enable, our vision is to build an inclusive society, enabled lives. Since 2013, SG Enable has been breaking new ground with innovative programmes to enable persons with disabilities to live enriching and independent lives. These include our information and referral services, employment, enabling technology, caregiver support and community integration programmes, as well as the multi-award winning inclusive community space, Enabling Village.​

What you can look forward to as a part of SG Enable

  • A meaningful job
  • Competitive remuneration and benefits
  • Good opportunities for competency development and career growth

Job Vacancies

At SG Enable, we seek driven individuals and effective team players with a strong sense of professionalism, innovation, and empathy to enable persons with disabilities and their caregivers. If you have what it takes to operate in a fast-pace and dynamic environment with a passion to serve the special needs community, we welcome you to ​join us by sharing your resumes with us at

1. Manager, Employability Development (pdf)

2. Senior Executive/ Executive, Employability Development (pdf)

3. Account Manager/ Assistant Manager, i’mable Collective (pdf)

4. Assistant Manager/ Senior Executive, Hospital to Work (pdf)

5Senior Executive/ Executive (Job Coach) (pdf)​

6. Manager/ Assistant Manager, Fund Administration (pdf)​

7. Manager/ Assistant Manager, Communications (pdf)​​​​​​​

8. Assistant Manager/ Senior Executive, Transitions to Work (Client Management) (pdf)​

9. Assistant Manager/ Senior Executive, Transitions to Work (Programme Management) (pdf)​

10. Executive, Service Management (pdf)​

11. Manager/ Assistant Manager, Grant Management (Tote Board Enabling Lives Initiative) (pdf)​​​​​​​​​​​​

12. Executive, Employment Services (pdf)