Community Group Homes (CGHs)

CGHs provide an alternative housing for persons with disabilities who require minimum support within the community. They aim to enhance the quality of life of persons with disabilities through social inclusion and train them to live with minimum support in the community for as long as possible.


Overview of Programme

CGHs enable persons with disabilities to live independently in designated HDB rental flats retrofitted with disabled-friendly features.

Residents can access a range of community-based services and facilities conveniently with support from community partners and volunteers.

SG Enable provides referrals to CGHs for adults with disabilities in Singapore.

Who Can Apply

Applicants should be:

1. Between 18 to 55 years old#^

2. Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents1

3. Diagnosed with congenital disabilities of the following nature:

    • Physical
    • Intellectual (IQ level of less than 70)
    • Sensory (Hearing/Visual impairment)
    • A combination of two or more of the above

    *Applicants with acquired disabilities will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

4. Gainfully employed

5. Fit for communal living

Applicants may not be eligible if they have one or more of the following:

    • They have untreated infectious diseases
    • They are suffering from serious psychotic disorders and/or serious behavioural problems that require them to be under close supervision or nursing care.


# Special needs children of SPED School-going age should be encouraged and assisted to remain in School for as long as possible. Parents of SPED graduands may approach their School to discuss the transition plans of the children prior graduating from School. 

^ Persons with disabilities who are below age 21 would need the consent of parents or legal guardians for their application.


 1 For Permanent Residents, at least one immediate family member must be a Singapore Citizen. Immediate family member refers to spouses, parents, children of the applicant, including step-parents and step-children.

How to Apply

Please approach a social worker from a touchpoint (e.g. Social Service Agency (SSA), hospital and etc.) for assistance in submitting an application for CGH.


Submission of applications to SG Enable by Social Workers (Online or Hard Copy)

  1. Online submission (Recommended)
    Click here to log into e-Services using your CorpPass

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    If required, you may download the forms below for use:


  2. Hard copy submission
    Download the application form, print and send together with the required documents​

    Download application form

    By Post
    SG Enable - Adult Disability Services
    20 Lengkok Bahru
    Singapore 159053

    By Email​

    By Fax
    +65 6226 2366


Upon receiving the referral, SG Enable will contact you to provide information to help you make an informed decision on your choice of service.

Acceptance into the programme at the preferred home is subject to the availability of vacancies and approval of the respective home management.

Application Processing Time

SG Enable will contact you within 10 working days upon receiving the completed application together with the required supporting documents from the touchpoint. SG Enable will also update the social worker who assisted in the application on the status of the application.

More Information

For more information about CGHs, please visit our frequent asked questions page.

To learn more about CGHs programme, please download the Community Group Homes Service Matrix (PDF).

To check your application status, click here

Have additional enquiries? Contact SG Enable.

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