Cessation of Wirecard Payment Services

08 Oct 2020

Date: 08 Oct, 2020

Following the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s announcement on the cessation of payment services powered by Wirecard in Singapore, please note that the following taxi operators will not be able to accept the Taxi Subsidy Scheme EZ Link Card (TSS EZ Link Card):

  1. Comfort Delgro
  2. SMRT
  3. Premier

For users with a registered TSS Grab for Business account, please book your rides through the Grab app.

For those without a TSS Grab for Business account, we strongly encourage you to register for it by writing to us at tss@sgenable.sg. Rides booked through TSS Grab for Business account are captured automatically and sent to SG Enable each month for claims processing and this saves you the hassle of submitting receipts for reimbursement

For those who are unable to use the Grab app, you can continue to make your payment via any payment mode accepted by the taxi operators and submit your receipts online via our eService (https://eservice1.enable.gov.sg). Note: When using the eService, users should log in using the SingPass of the scheme beneficiary.

You can continue to use the stored value in the TSS EZ Link Card for other merchants that use other payment platforms and accept EZ Link card payment.

We will update you again on the use of TSS EZ Link Card for taxi rides once we hear from the relevant authorities.

We seek your patience and understanding.

For enquiries, please write to us at tss@sgenable.sg.

Thank you.