Services for Adults with Disabilities

Find out more about programmes and services for adults with disabilities.

Adult Disability Homes

Residential homes offer long-term housing and short-term care for adults with disabilities who cannot be cared for at home.

Adult Disability Hostels

Adult Disability Hostels provide alternative care for adults with disabilities who do not require institutional care.

Community Group Homes

Community Group Homes enable persons with disabilities to live independently in HDB rental flats.

Day Activity Centres

Day Activity Centres offer care and skills training for adults with disabilities during the day.

Drop-in Disability Programme

The Drop-in Disability Programme provides few hours of social, recreational and/or therapeutic/training activities each week for adults with disabilities.

Sheltered Workshops

Sheltered Workshops provide employment training for adults with disabilities.

Useful Resources (Rehabilitation & Therapy Services)

Find care and therapy for different disabilities.


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